Aeromexico fired the pilots involved in the Durango accident

On 31 July, at approximately 15: 30 local time in Mexico, the Embraer E190 (XA-GAL) Aeromexico aircraft was involved in a plane crash. As a result, 49 people suffered injuries and were hospitalized. There were 103 persons (99 passengers and 4 crew members).

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After Aviation accident involving Embraer E190 (XA-GAL) Aeromexico, local authorities said it was a "miracle" that all passengers escaped alive. 49 people suffered injuries and needed specialist medical care at the hospital.

The investigators presented a preliminary report in which they concluded that weather phenomena played an important role in the accident. More specifically, this is a "microburst" phenomenon, which led to the aircraft crashing immediately after take-off.

Aeromexico fired the pilots

The General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics of Mexico (DGCA) also stated that there were numerous simulations with different flight crews, which experienced the weather conditions similar to those on the AM2431 flight. In all cases, the results were the same: accident. This helped investigators conclude that pilots are not guilty of procedural errors made during take-off.

Despite these results, which reveal that the pilots are not to blame for the accident, Aeromexico fired the 3 pilots in the cockpit. Andrés Conesa Labastida, CEO of Aeromexico, mentioned that the 3 pilots "violated the company's policies and procedures".

Labastida added: "We will not tolerate the behavior of these people, who may jeopardize the trust that Aeromexico enjoys from more than 20 million customers worldwide."

It all started from the fact that in the cockpit there were 3 pilots, not 2 as normally happens. One of them was in the training stage and took the right position until the aircraft aligns for take-off. Then the commander took the sleeve and started the take-off procedure.

Investigators noted that these details are irrelevant to the accident. But Andrés Conesa Labastida was not of the same opinion.

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