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Aeromexico is the second airline in the world to resume flights with the Boeing 737 MAX on December 21.

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The FAA has authorized the return of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to operational service, on November 18. Brazilian airline GOL has already resumed flights with 737 MAX aircraft on December 9.

Aeromexico is following in GOL's footsteps and scheduling flights with the Boeing 737 MAX. Thus, Aeromexico will be the second airline in the world to return the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to operational service on December 21.

Aeromexico is the second airline in the world to schedule commercial flights with 737 MAX

Aeromexico will use 737 MAX aircraft to fly from Mexico to Cancun, and return on the morning of December 21. There will be 4 flights in one day.

As of December 24, 2020, several 737 MAX aircraft are scheduled to return to operational service. The following routes will be added starting on the 27th.

The Mexican carrier has 6 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft in its fleet and intends to return them to operational service by the end of the year. Another 4 737 MAX 9 aircraft are already manufactured, but have not yet been delivered. All of this is part of a firm order placed by Aeromexico to Boeing for 60 737 MAX aircraft.

We remind you that, following the 2 accidents resulting in 364 victims in which 737 MAX aircraft were involved, the global fleet of 737 MAX aircraft was recorded on the ground for checks and improvements.

The 2 plane crashes: Boeing 737 MAX 8 Lion Air (collapsed in the fall of 2018) and Boeing 737 MAX 8 Ethiopian Airlines (collapsed in the spring of 2019).

After 20 months, world aviation organizations recertified the 737 MAX aircraft and thus the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft fleet received approval to return to commercial flights.

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