Air India A320neo (VT-EXL) Air India landed on the wrong runway in Maldives (Video)

Air India A320neo (VT-EXL) Air India landed on the wrong runway in Maldives (Video)

We present a special case. Aircraft Airbus Airbus A320neo (VT-EXL) Air India landed on the wrong runway in Maldives.

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Those who are passionate about airplanes and flights know that there is no room for error in this world. Everything works close to perfection, with mathematical precision. But in the multitude of flights, there are also situations like the one you will read below.

Airbus A320neo (VT-EXL) Air India aircraft landed on the wrong runway in Maldives. This flight operates AI263, on the route Thiruvananthapuram International Airport (Kerala / India) - Velana International Airport (Male / Maldives). On board were 136 passengers plus cabin crew.

Airbus A320neo (VT-EXL) Air India Aircraft


As a result of landing on the wrong runway, which is under construction, the aircraft suffered some major damage to the landing gear and the braking system. Fortunately, those on board were not injured. Until the end of the investigation, the pilots were recorded on the ground.


Probably the lack of pilots led to this incident, which is strange. When new aircraft are equipped with the latest navigation and air safety technologies, how is it possible to miss the runway?

An investigation has been opened in India, officials from the aeronautical authority saying it is a serious incident. In parallel, an investigation is also being conducted in the Maldives. The aircraft A320neo was towed on the parking platform inside Male airport.

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