The Airbus A321 (9H-SLG) aircraft, which operated the Wizz Air flight on the route Milan - Iași, reported faults in the navigation system

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On August 30, the Airbus A321 aircraft (9H-SLG), which operated the Wizz Air flight on the route Milan - Iasi, reported defects in the navigation system. The Iași press made the mosquito a great stallion with shock and horror, most likely also in terms of activating the crisis cell. According to the procedures, 22 fire engines and ambulances were reported. Tents were also set up for first aid.

Procedurally it was ok, only the situation was not as serious as reported. Pilots are prepared for such situations. It was a manual landing, based on visual data and not those provided by the navigation system. For these reasons, the plane flew over the airport area for 20-25 minutes to prepare for the appropriate time for landing.

But let's see the official position of Wizz Air:

"The leased aircraft operating the Wizz Air flight W63672, on the route Milan Bergamo - Iasi, on August 30, 2021, landed safely at the destination, Iasi Airport, and is verified as a result of reporting technical problems to the navigation system.

Wizz Air apologizes to passengers for any inconvenience caused, but the safety of our passengers, crew and aircraft is our priority. ”

The plane did not have a serious problem with the non-travel system either, the proof being in the fact that today it flew Iași - Billund and back, now being in flight.

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