Airbus A330-200F HA-LHU aircraft to be operated by Wizz Air has arrived in Budapest

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On October 18, 2020, the Airbus A330-200F HA-LHU aircraft, which will be operated by Wizz Air, arrived in Budapest. The aircraft was bought by the Hungarian government.

The purchase of the aircraft by the Hungarian government was motivated by the need to transport more goods during the COVID-19 pandemic. Authorities also mentioned that a civilian operator such as Wizz Air will be able to receive flight and landing approvals at various airports faster and easier than a military plane. However, this statement seems a bit forced to me, knowing all too well that a military plane takes precedence in many situations.

Airbus A330-200F HA-LHU aircraft

Qatar Airways operated a cargo fleet of 8 Airbus A330-200F aircraft. These will be withdrawn and not replaced by the new Boeing 777F. The plane bought by Hungary is 6 years old and flew under the code A7-AFF Qatar Airways.

The A330-200F can carry 70 tons of cargo and has a maximum range of 7.400 kilometers (4.600 miles). According to the latest Airbus report, 41 A330-200F cargo planes have been ordered, of which 38 have already been delivered. Turkish Airlines has the largest fleet of A330-200F aircraft, 9 in number.

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