ATR 42 MAP Linhas Aereas landed on the belly in Manaus

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ATR 42 (PR-MPN) MAP Linhas Aéreas landed on the belly at Eduardo Gomes Airport in Manaus. Technical issues!

According to the information available in the international press, the aircraft took off for Carauari. Immediately after takeoff, the pilots reported a number of technical problems and decided to return to the airport of origin.

ATR 42 MAP Linhas Aereas aircraft on belly

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And the problems continued. When they tried to get off the landing gear, that didn't happen. They tried other methods to arm the landing gear, but without success. Thus, the pilots decided to bring the aircraft to the ground without the landing gear.


A firefighter supervised the landing process, which went well. Following the evacuation, 2 passengers suffered minor injuries. There were 34 passengers on board.

The airline noted that the pilots acted properly, in accordance with international safety procedures.

The ATR 42 aircraft is 33 years old. It is a 42-300 model. In July 1986, the aircraft entered the ATI - Aero Trasporti Italiani fleet. By 2004, the plane had flown to several European airlines. In 2004, he crossed the ocean and began flying to Brazil. Since April 2012, it bears the code PR-MPN, within the company MAP Linhas Aereas.

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