Aircraft on FR7347 flight, suspected by tailstrike at Otopeni Airport

The Boeing 737-800 EI-EBA aircraft, on the Ryanair FR7347 flight from Bucharest - Dublin, is suspected of having hit the runway.

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10.02.2018 Update: After landing, the Boeing 737-800 EI-EBA aircraft was inspected. No traces of a tailstrike were discovered. Thus, around 00: 30, the plane received take-off approval to Dublin. 173 passengers were on board, and our information says that 2-3 people refused the flight.


The Boeing 737-800 EI-EBA aircraft, on the Ryanair FR7347 Bucharest - Dublin flight, took off safely from Henri Coanda International Airport in Bucharest, at 21:20.

Aircraft on the flight FR7347

Shortly after taking off, the pilot requested an emergency landing. He reported that he hit the tail of the plane with the runway and the marking system at the end of it.

The emergency device was immediately formed at the airport, in accordance with aviation procedures. At 22: 50, the aircraft landed on Otopeni Airport, under the same conditions of absolute safety.

Following the reports, the track was checked and no trace of a collision can be seen. Probably more checks will be made tomorrow morning in the light. Surely there will be an investigation following the events.

According to RYANAIR procedures, if a tailstrike is suspected, the aircraft is not pressurized and procedures for “precautionary landing” begin. Passenger safety is a priority for any airline.

We will return with the official information!

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