Pilatus PC-12 / 47E (YR-PDV) crashes in Milan (Update)

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09:40 - October 4: The other victims are: Filippo Nascimbene, from Pavia, born in 1988; his wife, Claire Stephanie Caroline Alexandrescou; the 34-year-old daughter of former Formula 1 commentator Miki Alexandrescu and their son Raphael, born in Milan on January 16, 2020.

18: 50: The plane took off at 13:04 from Milan Linate International Airport. 11 minutes later it collapsed. The aircraft correctly maneuvered to the right over the Idroscalo area and the Segrate area, then, instead of heading south on the route planned to reach Olbia in Sardinia, the plane would have suddenly returned to San Donato.

18: 40: Two Romanian citizens, with dual citizenship, are among the people who died as a result of the plane crash in Milan, according to the research carried out so far, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces. Eight people died in the accident on Sunday in Miloano. According to information from the Italian press, the pilot is Romanian (businessman Dan Petrescu, Romanian with German citizens), and his wife and child were on board the small plane, along with five other passengers.

Eight people died after a small plane crashed on the outskirts of Milan

Initial news: Eight people died after a small plane crashed on the outskirts of Milan, on the afternoon of Sunday, October 3. This is the Pilatus PC-12 / 47E (YR-PDV) plane, registered in Romania.

The Italian press mentions that there were two pilots and six passengers on the plane, including a child. Unfortunately there are no survivors.

The ANSA news agency reports that the plane crashed into a building where no one was. Witnesses say they saw the plane on fire before it crashed. The plane had taken off from Milan Linate Airport and was heading to Olbia, Sardinia. Unfortunately, it collapsed on an empty building, under renovation, near a subway station.

The news is being updated!

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