fbpx Airbus A380 aircraft can be held on the ground until 8 weeks

Airbus A380 aircraft can be grounded up to 8 weeks for wing repairs

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In February, the first were reported micro-cracks in the wings of Airbus A380 aircraft. European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) recommended that all operational aircraft be checked.

Airbus said they are not a danger, but must be resolved for the long term. Repairs will last up to 8 weeks, for each aircraft separately. The process is more complex than the first estimates. Currently there are 75 of aircraft in service and other 253 in the construction phase. Airline operators can program the aircraft A380 to repairs according to the desired operational program. Many airlines, which own this type of aircraft, have begun to make changes to aircraft used on different transoceanic and transcontinental routes.

Micro-cracks appeared because of new materials and technologies used to build the wings. At present, work is being done to remedy these problems and, if all goes well, from 2014 any aircraft Airbus A380 will come out with the new wing structure. Unfortunately, it will not be the same as the ones that will be manufactured during the 2012-2014 period. Airlines, which will receive A380 in the near future, have the freedom to choose whether they want repairs immediately after delivery or can make them at 2 years or 4 years, depending on how they are used.


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