Airbus A380 Qatar Airways aircraft will fly to London and Paris

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London and Paris will be the first two cities to welcome the return of Airbus A380 Qatar Airways aircraft from 15 December 2021. Qatar Airways intends to rehabilitate five of the 380 Airbus A10 aircraft in its fleet, especially during the winter holidays. All the while, 13 Airbus A350 aircraft remain on the ground due to fuselage problems.

Qatar Airways detained the entire fleet of A380 aircraft at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and considered not to operate them again.

Unfortunately, due to problems with the new A350, Qatar Airways is forced to lift super-jumbo planes to the ground. After about 1.5 years of hiatus, Qatar Airways has scheduled the first Airbus A380 flights starting December 15, as follows: two daily flights from Doha to London / Heathrow (QR3 / 4 and QR9 / 6) along with a daily service to Paris (QR39 / 40).

With the resumption of flights with the A380, Qatar Airways also put Firs Class tickets on sale. 8 spacious seats are located in front of the lower deck.

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