Spanish Eurofighter aircraft intercept two Russian aircraft near Romanian airspace

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On March 4, NATO radars registered the existence of two unidentified planes in the international airspace in the south of the Black Sea, which were heading to the Romanian airspace.

The NATO Combined Air Operations Center in Torrejón, Spain, sounded the alarm, and Spanish Eurofighter aircraft, relocated to NATO base by Mihail Kogălniceanu, took off to intercept them on an air police mission.

According to the press release issued by NATO, it appears that two Russian SU-30 military planes were flying with the transponders stopped, without a flight plan and contact with the air traffic controllers.

Spanish Eurofighter aircraft intercepted Russian planes and patrolled until they took off from Allied airspace.

It is not the first time that Russian planes are getting too close to Romanian airspace, at the same time being NATO's allied airspace. In February, Romanian MIG-21 planes intercepted 2 Russian bombers. And last summer, a American bomber B-52 was harassed in flight by Russian aircraft Suhoi Su-27, over the Black Sea.

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