Work is underway at the Brasov-Ghimbav International Airport

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In a few years, Brasov will enter the map of the operational airports in Romania. This way we will be able to avoid the endless queues of cars on the Prahova Valley and we will arrive much faster in the mountain resorts. It is an investment necessary for the development of tourism in the area, but also for Brasov. After 20 years of promises, projects and calculations, the work will begin in 2013.

The contract for the start of the works for the construction of the runway of the Brasov-Ghimbav international airport was signed on Sunday between the County Council and the company Vectra Service SRL, the winner of the auction. Following the completion of the runway, next year the tender will also start for the construction of the terminal for which, as the president of the County Council, Aristotel Căncescu, are already interested companies from abroad.

The runway will be 2850 meters long and 45 meters wide, and work will begin next spring. It will be built to the current international standards, from a special concrete with the agreements and the bands for the management of the asphalt planes.

The president of the CJ said that in two years time the first planes could land on the airport in Brasov. The price for the construction of the runway is 12,7 million plus VAT.

  1. Christian Vasile says

    This with the queues on the Prahova Valley is not valid - people will not afford to fly Bucharest - Brasov (short flight, so small planes, landing / takeoff from a relatively expensive airport - Otopeni; costs to be covered with the money from May few tickets, so automatically more expensive tickets).

    It will not be profitable to fly from Bucharest to Brasov, and then think that in a way you have to get to Otopeni / Ghimbav - so you also pay for public transport. Then, people who go to the mountains generally leave with luggage, skis, etc. - Bucharest-Brasov would be something low-cost, we know how Romanians are paid for extra luggage.

    If Brasov airport will be built just to fly Bucharest, it will not last for 5 years.

  2. Sorin says

    Well, it is not just fly from Bucharest, but to think that many tourists now come to Otopeni and start towards Prahova Valley. In the future they could get directly to Brasov, so some of the queues would be out of the scheme.

    Then there are those with money, who think they would rather pay more and leave their cars at home.

    I believe that a balance will be created between ground and air traffic. Plus, neither the railway should be neglected. At present there are some trains that do their job well and here I refer to the private ones.

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