Abu Dhabi International Airport has introduced GoSleep - sleeping chairs

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Abu Dhabi International Airport (ADAC) introduced armchairs that can be made to bed and are perfect for relaxation, rest. If you have nonstop flights to Abu Dhabi airport, you can try the new GoSleep for only 12.24 dollars per hour. A great price, but a little relaxation does not hurt.

Currently, ADAC has installed 10 GoSleep in the area of ​​the 3 Terminal and Al Dhabi Lounge in the 1 Terminal. By the end of 2013, ADAC plans to install another 35 of GoSleep armchairs.


These armchairs can close, turn into "pods" and so you can rest in peace, away from the noise of the airport. In the future, GoSleep systems they will be provided with special luggage spaces, wi-fi and even systems through which you can load your gadgets. It's all part of the airport's strategy to grow and attract passengers.

In general, I avoid flights with a stopover. I am tired, you have to spend a few hours through the airport, your luggage will disappear, and the beautiful trip can become stressful. But I'm glad to see that the big airports are thinking of arranging relaxation areas. This can be decisive when choosing certain flights.

In 2011 I had the opportunity to see Airport Park - the green terminal at Schiphol Airport - Amsterdam, a special area for relaxation, rest and even for work. If you have nonstop flights to Schiphol, do not miss Airport Park!

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