Berlin-Tegel Airport will run until 16 March 2013

Berlin-Tegel Airport will run until 16 March 2013 (video)

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Because the big one Berlin Brandenburg Airport will be inaugurated at 17 March 2013, little Tegel will continue to work until 16 March 2013. We will probably have it then ”Night of the Night"! Fortunately, the people from Tegel made a super video with images that include the activity of the airport during the period 2009 - 2012.

And no, it's not a goodbye movie! The airport will operate normally and I tend to think it will be more crowded in the next period. Airberlin and Lufthansa will meet their planned expansion plans for the new Berlin Brandenburg airport.

Lufthansa has opened new routes to different destinations in Europe, one being route Berlin - Bucharest - Berlin. Airberlin has increased its activity on TXL.

I really like this movie, especially since I have nice memories from Tegel! It is a satisfaction to see pictures of the places you went to!

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