Bucharest South Airport, a 2 billion euro project!

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2024 is an election year and we have many promises. Aviation is an extremely tender field when it comes to projects and promises. Most of the airports were developed through multi-million euro projects. But the most anticipated project announced is the Bucharest South Airport.

The City Hall of Sector 4 will buy together with the Giurgiu County Council the land related to the future Bucharest South Airport, announced Daniel Băluță, the district mayor, on Friday. The new airport would allow the annual transport of more than 11 million passengers and 30.000 tons of goods, according to a feasibility study coordinated by the French company SETEC.

"Together with CJ Giurgiu, we are creating a commercial company that will purchase the land, when all the procedures are ready”, mentioned the mayor of Sector 4, in a live broadcast.

According to Daniel Băluță, two locations are taken into account for the construction of Bucharest Sud Airport: Grădiștea and Adunații Copăceni. Following the completion of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, the exact location will be determined.

The area for the new airport will be from 300 to 1000 hectares, Băluță also said. Also, the investment in the project initiated by PS4 could be of two billion euros.

The Mayor of Sector 4 mentioned as ways to continue the project through investments from the state budget, possibly a takeover of the project by the Bucharest National Airport Company (CNAB), or through a public-private partnership.

The Mayor of Sector 4 also presented a timetable for the development of the Bucharest South Airport project, according to which he would present the results of the pre-feasibility study in August, he writes

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