Hong Kong Airport implements autonomous cleaning robots and disinfection booths (Video)

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The coronavirus pandemic has devastated the entire aviation industry. In addition to the affected airlines, the airports also suffered. Millions of flights canceled, thousands of planes detained on the ground, hundreds of millions of tourists affected. And airports have become parking lots for planes.

In a collective effort to resume flights on a large scale, airports are testing all sorts of technologies to prevent infection with the new coronavirus. Airports and airlines are implementing new safety and health measures.

Vienna Airport can test passengers on both flows on request (departures / arrivals). The price of a COVID-19 test is 190 EURO / $ 209. Those arriving in Vienna do not have to stay in isolation for 14 days if the COVID-19 test result is NEGATIVE.

But Hong Kong airport caught our eye. The Hong Kong Airport Authority (AA) applies the latest disinfection and sanitation technologies. Including stand-alone cleaning robots and individual disinfection booths.

The intelligent robot can move autonomously. It has an ultraviolet light sterilizer and an air sterilizer. It operates in public toilets and in key areas of the terminal building. The robot can eliminate up to 99,99% of the bacteria and viruses existing in its area. Even the air and surfaces of objects can be sterilized in just 10 minutes.

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is the first in the world to have a "CLeanTech" cabin. In theory, it can disinfect clothes and the human body from viruses and bacteria. The process takes 40 seconds, during which time the temperature is taken.

We live in the age of speed and we are always surrounded by technology. So let's use it effectively in the fight against the new coronavirus.

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