The airport in Iasi was closed due to the strong wind

Iasi airport was closed due to strong wind

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Here, the weather phenomena get in the way and affect the smooth running of airports and aircraft. Earlier I announced that several flights were canceled on London Heathrow due to fog. Now we announce that the airport in Iasi has been closed due to the strong wind.

The runway is clean, the braking coefficient is good, but the aircraft cannot fly over the area due to strong wind gusts. The airport management said the chances of working today are low. The flights will only be resumed when the weather conditions allow.

It is possible that the two flights Bucharest - Iasi, scheduled for this evening, will be canceled. Contact the air carrier and check if they are operational.

During Wednesday, several flights to Bucharest, Timisoara and Vienna were canceled due to adverse weather conditions.

In the weather it is not good to play and the safety of the passengers is first. So don't be upset. If you have scheduled flights, check that they are operational and that your schedule is being met.

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