fbpx Heathrow Airport has recorded record number of aircraft movements in 2012

Heathrow Airport has recorded record number of aircraft movements in 2012

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Article written by Maria Vasiliu!

Airport manager Heathrow said an expansion of the airport's capacity should be considered or it would lose ground in front of its rivals. A record number of 70 million passengers passed through London's Heathrow in 2012. The airport experienced an increase of 8% of revenues: 2.46 million pounds for the year of the 2012 Olympic Games and a base profit of 46,4 million pounds.

There were 471 flights to and from Heathrow in 341, just below its absolute capacity of 2012. The director of Heathrow Airport confessed that: and capacity constraints may prevent any significant increase in the number of flights and routes. "

"The country's ability to negotiate is essential for trade, and economic constraints can have long-term consequences for Britain in terms of trade, jobs and growth," he said.

Heathrow management hopes to build a third runway, but the idea has been blocked for the moment by strong opposition. The UK government has ordered a review of the airport's capacity in the UK, but it is unlikely to be resolved until 2015.

Thames Hub
Thames Hub

The British have announced an ambitious project on its behalf, Thames Hub, but that has been blocked by the current government. Until we have information, we announce that Heathrow Airport is the largest in Europe!

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