Airport means more than planes. It's about people!

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In general, in aviation we are not just talking about airplanes and flights, but also about people. During the 9 years of AirlinesTravel, I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people in the aviation industry. I had a period when I talked to people in aviation. For a while I had the column "the story of the day”In which I wrote about people in aviation who had to change jobs during the pandemic.

In the same vein, Henri Coandă Airport, Bucharest National Airports Company, launches the campaign: “Airport means more than planes. It's about people! ”

The campaign aims to present the airport team, from the workers on the platform to those from the Information, from the firefighters to the top management, from the emergency medical assistance to the control of the movement surfaces for the safe operation of the aircraft. , from terminal sanitation to aircraft docking to stationary positions. The people at the airport are the ones who depend on the safety, security and comfort of passengers and passengers - whether they are regular passengers, have a health or mobility problem, or are in the VIP or Business category - those who usually remain "in shadow ”of pilots and flight attendants.

The campaign is carried out under the slogan “Airport means more than planes. It's trustworthy! It's a passion! It's professionalism! It's about people! ”

As a passenger, either on boarding to the desired destination or on arrival at the airport, you have the opportunity to see only the "tip of the iceberg", that interface through which you appreciate the airport as safe, comfortable and efficient. Behind it, however, is the work, dedication and professionalism of dozens of anonymous people at the airport, whose essential mission is the satisfaction of passengers and airlines. The airport is a complex gear and the proper functioning depends on each of us. Through this campaign, we honor the contribution of every person at the airport. ” - said Cosmin Peșteșan, general director of CNAB.

The promotion campaign represents an x-ray of the professions specific to the airport activity, which is also a business card of the professionalism and vocation of the people who work on the two airport platforms managed by CNAB.

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