London - Heathrow International Airport in 2019: 80 passengers

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In 2019, London - Heathrow International Airport was shipped by 80 passengers. Compared to 884, passenger air traffic increased by 000%. Thus, London - Heathrow International Airport remains the busiest airport in Europe.

In aircraft movements, the increase in take-offs and landings is very small. In 2019 they were registered 475,861 of aircraft movements, increasing by about 200 take-offs and landings. We remind you that in 2018 they were 475 624 aircraft movements.

Analyzing each market separately, we note that there are decreases in routes to Asia / Pacific (-1.1%); Europe (-0.5%). But we also have significant growth towards Africa (+ 5.3%); North America (+ 4.1%) and Latin America (+ 2.3%).

London - Heathrow International Airport in the first place

For the 6th year in a row, Terminal 5 Heathrow was voted "World's Best Terminal" at the Skytrax Awards. By the way, Terminal 5 Heathrow has been 11 years since it was opened to passenger traffic.

Pulling the line after 10 years, passenger air traffic at London - Heathrow International Airport increased by 18%, the equivalent of 15 million new passengers. But as much as possible under these conditions

For several years, London - Heathrow International Airport has been operating at full capacity. If not expanded, London's main airport will remain stuck at 80-81 million passengers.

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