Schiphol - Amsterdam International Airport in 2019: 71 707 144 registered passengers

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For Schiphol - Amsterdam International Airport, the year 2019 was positive, but the increase is below 1%. Compared to previous years, 2019 did not bring a significant increase in the number of registered passengers.

According to a report presented by Schiphol - Amsterdam International Airport, the airport was transited by 71 passengers. The increase was 707% compared to 144, when 0.9 passengers were reported.

Schiphol International Airport 2019

Of the total traffic of 71 passengers, 707 passengers had Schiphol - Amsterdam as their final airport or the starting airport for their journey. And 144 passengers chose Schiphol - Amsterdam as the transfer hub. The equation lacks 45 passengers, who had direct transit, ie these passengers did not get off the plane. They landed and took off with the same aircraft.

The number of aircraft movements was not good either. For 2019, Schiphol - Amsterdam International Airport reported 496826 aircraft movements (takeoffs and landings), down 0.5% compared to 2018. And the decrease was on almost all fronts: cargo, European and intercontinental flights.

The largest decrease was recorded by Schiphol - Amsterdam International Airport in the cargo area. In 2019, 1 tons of goods were transported to / from Amsterdam, down 570% compared to 387.

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