Schiphol International Airport - Amsterdam in 2019: 71 707 144 registered passengers

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For the Schiphol International Airport - Amsterdam, the year 2019 was positive, but the growth is below 1%. Compared to previous years, 2019 did not bring a significant increase in the number of registered passengers.

According to a report presented by Schiphol International Airport - Amsterdam, the airport was transited by 71 707 144 passengers. The increase was 0.9% compared to 2018, when 71 053 157 passengers were reported.

Schiphol International Airport 2019

Of the total traffic of 71 707 144 passengers, 45 807 292 passengers had Schiphol - Amsterdam as the final airport or the beginning airport of the trip. And 25 873 187 passengers chose Schiphol - Amsterdam as a transfer hub. 26665 passengers were missing from the equation, which had a direct transit, meaning that these passengers did not get off the plane. They landed and took off with the same aircraft.

Even in the number of aircraft movements it did not fare too well. For 2019, Schiphol International Airport - Amsterdam reported 496826 aircraft movements (take-offs and landings), down 0.5% compared to 2018. And the decline was on all fronts: cargo, European and intercontinental flights.

The biggest drop, Schiphol International Airport - Amsterdam registered it on the cargo area. In 2019, 1 tonnes of freight were shipped from / to Amsterdam, down 570% from 387.

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