SIBIU International Airport in 2019: approximately 725.000 registered passengers

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According to the press release of the SIBIU International Airport, passenger air traffic increased by 5% in 2019 compared to 2018. In figures, this means that the SIBIU International Airport was crossed in 2019 by approximately 725 passengers. Among them we find ourselves, flying for the first time with TAROM on the Bucharest - SIBIU route, in mid-December.

Although the number of routes operated in Sibiu decreased in 2019, the number of passengers increased. We remind you that Wizz Air has suspended flights on Sibiu - Paris and Sibiu - Copenhagen routes. And TAROM suspended flights on Sibiu - Stuttgart and Sibiu - Munich routes.

With regard to passenger air traffic, the 2 major events organized at SIBIU also contributed. It should be remembered that, in 2019, SIBIUL was the host of the European summit in May, but also the place of the ceremony when Pope Francis left.

Passenger air traffic registered in 2019 at SIBIU International Airport

According to the online publication, SIBIU International Airport had an accelerated growth from one year to another, over the figures estimated by a commissioned air traffic study in 2009.

The study estimated for 2009 a number of 190.000 passengers in the realistic version and, respectively, 240.000 passengers, in the optimistic version. In fact, there were 221.000 passengers in traffic at Sibiu airport.

The same analysis estimates that only in 2024 the airport in Sibiu will register - in the realistic scenario - a number of over 720.000 passengers. Here, the evolution has been much better and the threshold of 720 000 passengers has been exceeded since 2019.

As for 2020, there are no news on regular flights. On the contrary, Wizz air will also abandon the SIBIU - Tel Aviv route. Instead, new charter flights to Monastiz (Tunisia), Hurghada (Egypt) and Antalya (Turkey) were announced.

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