Timisoara International Airport "Traian Vuia" is open to air traffic

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Today I watched the activity of Timisoara International Airport "Traian Vuia". A yellow code of snow and blizzard was announced in the area, and the operation of the flights was done in winter conditions with heavy snow. Several flights were delayed in take-off because the runway was covered with a significant layer of snow.

At the moment the airport is operational, but the activity is carried out in winter, under continuous fire. The snow removal activity is carried out with 10 machines and a team made up of 30 people. Several blades, tractors and multiple-intervention machines fitted with blades are used to clean the tread surfaces, the platform and the adjacent spaces, including the parking spaces for cars.

The snow layer on the tread surfaces averages between 4 and 5 centimeters with viscous snow deposits and is continuously working in wind conditions in gusts of 15 meters per second.

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