Vienna International Airport in 2020: 7,8 million passengers, down 75,3% compared to 2019

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The COVID-19 pandemic hit the industries: tourism, aviation, hospitality. And the numbers don't lie. In addition to hotels, restaurants and cafes in HoReCa, travel agencies, airlines and even airports have suffered.

Major European airports have reported a significant drop in passenger numbers, averaging 70%. The 10 busiest European airports they lost hundreds of millions of passengers. The number of passengers transported in 2020 globally decreased by 60% compared to 2019, reaching the level of 2003.

Vienna's airport didn't do too well either. It reported 7.812.938 passengers for the entire year 2020, a decrease of 75,3% compared to the previous year. Airports in Flughafen Wien Group were transited by 9,7 million passengers, decreasing by 75.6% compared to 2019.

Flughafen Wien Group includes Vienna Airport, Malta Airport and Kosice Airport. According to figures, all these airports have traveled through time, reaching the level of 1994.

The number of aircraft movements also decreased, with a decline of 64.1%. At the same time, the airlines announced a decrease of approximately 20% in the loading degree of the aircraft, reaching an average of 57%.

Air freight traffic also suffered, falling by 23.2% in 2020. In this regard, we would have expected an increase if we refer to the pandemic, but the Vienna airport was not an important hub in the transport of essential goods. .

The year 2020 will remain in the history of Vienna Airport with 2 positive actions. Austrian Airlines operated the Vienna - Sydney flight, the longest flight in the company's history, but also in the history of the Viennese airport. The first test station at an airport has been set up at Vienna Airport, in May 2020.

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