London Heathrow Airport: 19.4 million passengers reported in 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a negative impact on air passenger traffic. Aviation and tourism continue to suffer from travel restrictions. According to a press release, at least 600 passengers canceled their trips from London Heathrow Airport in December 000 due to the Omicron strain, as well as the uncertainty caused by the frequently changing travel restrictions.

At the same time, London Heathrow Airport reports that only 19.4 million passengers were transited in 2021, an extremely small number compared to the pre-pandemic period when it reported over 80 million passengers. London Heathrow Airport's passenger air traffic is also declining compared to 2020 when it reported just over 22 million passengers.

In this context, there are doubts about the speed of recovery of the aviation industry even after the end of the pandemic. IATA forecasts suggest that the number of passengers will not reach pre-pandemic levels by 2025, provided travel restrictions are lifted and passengers are confident that there will be no travel restrictions.

Returning to the traffic report, London Heathrow Airport announced that 190 aircraft movements (take-offs and landings) were recorded, well below 032 (pre-pandemic year) when approximately 2019 aircraft movements were reported.

The only indicators that have been on the rise in 2021 are those related to freight transport. It is natural that during this period the freight transport to excel because the demand for medical equipment, apparatus and other products necessary in the fight against the new coronavirus has increased.

Unfortunately, aviation still has a long way to go before it can recover from this devastating pandemic. and 2022 does not start optimistically at all. European airlines have had to cancel thousands of flights.

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