International routes from Oradea: Turin with Blue Air, Belgrade with Air Serbia

Oradea Airport dreams of many international routes. The safest one is Oradea - Turin with Blue Air!

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I can say that 2016 took us by surprise and brought an avalanche of new routes from / to Romania. Beside the seas airports in Romania, the little ones also started to hope for new international routes. After a period of rest, when most were modernized with European funds, the moment of truth has arrived.


We start with Oradea International Airport, international without international flights, for now. According to “On Friday, the Lotus Therm Hotel in Băile Felix hosted the meeting of the President of the Bihor County Council, Cornel Popa and the director of Oradea Airport, Gheorghe Pasc, with the air operators interested in connecting Oradea with destinations from all over the world."

Mr. Gheorghe Răcaru, general manager of Blue Air, also attended the meeting. Following statements made by him, it appears that Blue Air will operate at least 2 weekly flights on the Turin - Oradea route. If this is to be materialized, this would be the first international route operated from Oradea airport. The documents were also signed, according to statements made by officials from Oradea.

Good and beautiful news, but let's temper our momentum. According to the video above, there are other operators interested in flying from Oradea. Hmm, right? Air Serbia would be interested in connecting Oradea to Belgrade. It will take a long time from interest to confirmation. Oradans want so much to fly to Belgrade? It would be El Al, who will operate charter flights between Oradea and Tel Aviv anyway. And the name Join! Airlines, an operator no one has heard of.

TAROM was absent from the meeting, which disturbed Mr. Cornel Popa, the president of the Bihor County Council: "The events they have caused with the flights from Oradea lately have made them return in front of our invitation. They invoke all sorts of problems, because they don't actually have aircraft. It's their embarrassment that I'm not here. They should have been present if they were interested in staying on the market ”.

And first of all, let's remember that it is an election year. The air infrastructure will be very much highlighted, many new routes will be announced, maybe some will be operated for a while. But I doubt that all will be profitable. In the middle there is also a state aid!

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