Celtefan cel Mare Suceava Airport reported over 100 000 of passengers

Year 2017 is also very good for "Stefan cel Mare" Suceava Airport. On 3 July, the airport exceeded the 100 000 threshold for passengers registered between January and June 2017.

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On July 3, 2017, the “Ștefan cel Mare” Airport in Suceava exceeded the threshold of 100 passengers processed in the first half of 000.

Also, in June 2017 recorded the largest traffic in the history of the Airport, respectively 25 799 passengers, some days recording even more than 1 500 passengers.

Celtefan cel Mare Suceava Airport

If we refer to 2016, the airport in Suceava recorded 57 226 passengers throughout the last year. Basically, traffic doubled in 2017 in just the first 6 months, but other 6 months followed as crowded.

The target of "Stefan cel Mare" Airport is to position itself in the top 5 airports in the country in terms of the number of passengers registered at the end of 2017.

Airport officials have stated that sustained efforts are being made to increase the number of internal (???) and external destinations. We hope to see these efforts materialized.

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