Traian Vuia - Timisoara Airport is ready for flights

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Given the gradual lifting of air traffic restrictions and the resumption of regular flight activities, it will be possible to gradually increase the operation of air flights from Timisoara airport.

Passengers can transit the airport safely, with a specific action plan in place against the spread of COVID-19. The space available in the airport terminals is configured so as to ensure a smooth processing of passenger traffic, in compliance with the requirements of social distance in the interest of oneself and the public.

Passengers have the obligation to respect the rules of social distance

Passengers have the obligation to respect the rules of social distance on the entire flow from the airport car park to boarding the aircraft according to the rules mentioned by markings and signs, such as: to keep a minimum distance of 1,5 meters from other people in the vicinity; not to use the seats marked with "X"; to use the corridors inside the airport and to follow the indications transmitted by means of the markings and by the indications of the airport staff, etc.

The use of protective equipment against COVID-19 is also mandatory for passengers and personnel. There will be points of sale at the airport for the purchase of masks and protective gloves by passengers.

The mask is mandatory

Passengers have an obligation: to use masks for protection, to accept temperature screening performed with automated thermal scanners and portable scanners, to use disinfectant gel devices for hands that are located in airport terminals.

Floor and furniture surfaces in passenger terminals, trays and security control equipment, check-in counters, boarding gates, luggage trolleys, railings, handles, etc. it is disinfected by the administrative staff of the airport, at an interval of 3 hours, during the operating program, as well as at the end of the program.

Passengers will be permanently informed through the existing markings on the surfaces, audio-video system, electronic and printed display (billboards, posters, flyers). They are obliged to comply with all measures transmitted by the airport authority at the airport and to take into account that non-compliance with the protection measures against COVID -19 may lead to the passenger's refusal to board. At the same time, the recommendation is that passengers keep in constant contact with the air carrier for any flight information.

The plan of protection measures to limit the spread of the new coronavirus, regarding the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers is published on the airport website:

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