Targu Mures International Airport and future plans

"Transilvania" International Airport Târgu-Mureş and future plans

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Cluj-Napoca International Airport and Târgu-Mureș International Airport "Transilvania" duels for the title of: The Main Air Gate of Transylvania - The Gateway to Transylvania. We currently grant it to Cluj Airport. According to the latest figures, the traffic from the airport in Cluj is much higher than the one recorded and estimated by the airport in Târgu-Mureș.

Until 2016, Târgu-Mureș International Airport aims to become the representative airport for Transilvania ("The Gateway to Transilvania") with 800.000 air traffic of passengers served annually and a new airport, with a car parking area built in the area. near the take-off runway near the Mureș Industrial Park.

The plans are great. By the end of the year, the current airport of "Transilvania" International Airport Târgu-Mureș will be expanded with 250 sqm (part of the public area departures) and the opportunity study and the feasibility study for the construction of a new terminal will be started. In the medium term, that is in the next two years, the Board of Directors of the Transilvania International Airport Târgu-Mureș aims to develop low-cost traffic, charter type traffic, develop general aviation traffic and enroll in AAR (Romanian Airports Association).

By a gradual increase with 30% of air traffic compared to the previous year, it is estimated, until 2016, the registration of a number of 800.000 of passengers per year at the Târgu-Mureș International Airport, which will allow the Airport to maintain its own revenues and eliminate subsidy granted by the Mures County Council.

Until the end of the mandate of the current Board of Directors (1 June 2016), the landing runway extension to 3600 meters is expected, the construction of the new air terminal, the creation of a general aviation area, the construction of a general aviation hangar, the construction of a 50m / 50m hangar Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 aircraft.

In 2012 "Transilvania" International Airport Târgu-Mureș served a number of 219.713 passengers, the expected air traffic target for this year being 300.000 of passengers.

I want to remind you that Wizz Air, the Hungarian low-cost operator, will open new routes from Cluj and Targu Mures, from April 2013.

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