Dubai World Central - Al Maktoum International Airport has officially opened its gates for passengers

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Open since 2010 for freight, the newest airport in the United Arab Emirates, Al Maktoum International was officially inaugurated for passengers on October 27, 2013. The inaugural flight was Wizz 6 operated by Wizz Air and carried just over 2497 people from Budapest to Dubai. The aircraft received the traditional salute of water cannons under the eyes of a large delegation of local aviation officials from Dubai.



With great plans and tailored costs, the airport is the largest and most important part of the innovative concept Dubai World Central - a residential, commercial and logistical area. The construction and development of the airport is estimated to cost about $ 32 billion. When completed, sometime in 2027, it will have five runways for takeoff and landing aircraft and will be able to process about 160 million passengers a year. CEO Dubai Airports, Paul Griffiths, said that "about 63% of these will be people in transit."

The airport received the codes: IATA: DWC and ICAO: OMDW. Currently, the airport supports up to 7 million passengers per year. For the moment, the airport has a runway of 4,9 kilometers that meets the requirements of CAT III-C.

When the airport opens in 2010, Al Maktoum International Airport had contracts with only three air freight services (RUS Aviation, Aerospace Consortium and European Cargo Services). Now, 36 of airlines have signed transportation agreements and operate freight services.


From October 28, flights are available from Kuwait International Airport operated by Jazeera Airlines and from Kyiv (Zhuliany) International Airport operated by Wizz Air Ukraine spe Dubai at International Airport. Dubai World Central - Al Maktoum (DWC).

Starting with 29 October 2013, Wizz Air will have direct flights to Dubai - DWC from Bucharest, Budapest and Sofia. From 21 November 2013, Condor will carry passengers from Düsseldorf and Frankfurt to Dubai - DWC. From 8 December 2013, flights from Bahrain International Airport to Dubai - DWC with Gulf Air will be available. From March 1, 2014, it will also be possible to fly from Doha International Airport to Dubai - DWC with Qatar Airways. And the list remains open. Please note that the airport is approximately 50 km from Dubai and there are still problems with the transfer from / to the airport.

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