The "Green Pass" business: 100 EURO costs a fake Green Pass!

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The fake Green Pass sold for 100 euros on Telegram. A group of people promises to activate green certificates in 48/72 hours, without being tested or vaccinated, but only by providing a health card and an identity document (and payment of the requested amount), announces


It is unclear whether what is being offered for sale is then actually delivered to those who complete the payment, but the Telegram group already has over 14 thousand subscribers and, according to what the administrators write in the chat, 1200 fake Green Passes have already been sold all over Italy.

The organization of this (alleged) service of illegal falsification of Green Passes is very meticulous: there is a price list, there are different payment methods and explanations of all kinds for users registered in the chat.

The price list is detailed: a Fake Green Pass digital costs 100 euros, while in the paper version it is 120 EURO. "Given the various requests received from whole families, we decided to launch family packages," the group's chat on Telegram was announced. So, for a group of 4 people, the cost is 300 euros, while for 6 people it amounts to 450 EURO.

The group administrators ensure: «Our green subscriptions are documents issued regularly by the European health system and are therefore real documents. There are no edited documents! In the face of any verification it will be perfectly valid! The documents contain active and functional QR codes on a regular basis».

The Italian authorities have stepped in and it is possible that the group has already been dismantled. Our recommendation is not to fall into the trap of charlatans. Any false document used to obtain benefits (eg access to a place on the basis of a false document) means a crime.

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