Find out what happens to those who arrive in Romania from an international trip, during the alert state. Isolation or quarantine!

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By the Decisions of the National Committee for Emergency Situations, it is ordered the extension of the flight suspension, for 14 days, starting with 15.05.2020, at 00:00, Romanian time, to and from countries at high risk of infection. These are: ❌Italy; ❌Spania; ❌Germania; ❌Franţa; ❌Austria; ❌Belgia; ❌Elveţia; ❌SUA; ❌United Kingdom; ❌Olanda; ❌Turcia; ❌Iran ..

At the same time, during the alert state, all persons arriving in Romania from a
international travel will enter isolation / quarantine for a period of 14 days. But let's see when you go into isolation and when you go into quarantine.

Isolation or quarantine!

National Institute of Public Health in Romania says that normally all those who come from an international trip enter isolation at home for 14 days. When several persons live at the same address with the person returning from abroad, isolation applies to all persons, if there is no other address at which it can self-isolate. This means that you are not allowed to leave the house for 14 days. Stay locked up as planned in the state of isolation and during the state of emergency.

Institutionalized quarantine may apply to persons who are unable to meet the conditions for the above-mentioned measure or who request it in order not to expose their family.. It is possible to opt for the measure of institutionalized quarantine, in specially designated spaces provided by the authorities.

Isolation or quarantine

Institutionalized quarantine can also be applied to those who have been caught for failing to observe isolation at home. With the mention that those expenses for the quarantine period of 14 days will be borne by those who did not respect the isolation at home.

Below you have the measures applied throughout the alert state!


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