After 23 years of activity, the Iasi International Airport passed on profit

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When it is desired, solutions are found and it is possible. It took 23 years to prove it was possible. After 23 years of activity, the Iasi International Airport passed on profit. This means having a capable administration, with competent people and with a logical, constructive thinking. When pride and politics go to the secondary, profit and success are achieved. Maybe we should think about why many state-owned companies are at a loss and do something to make a profit. Money is, solutions are, but is it their profitability? We leave you to answer!

For the first time during its existence, after 23 years of activity, RA Iasi Airport, the public enterprise that manages the Iasi International Airport, registered an accounting profit. Thus, as of 30.09.2015, the accounting profit shown is 188.280lei.

It is the second major financial success recorded by Iasi Airport, after in the year 2014, the director registered, for the first time, an operating profit. The total amount of the revenues recorded on the date of 30.09.2015 amounts to 11.203.435,01 lei, of this value, 1.218.636,91 lei representing revenues exclusively from non-aeronautical activities.

If we do an x-ray of the most recent two years of airport activity, we will see a sustainable development, which is based on a well thought out plan. In the summer of 2014, a new track was inaugurated. In 2015, it was built a new platform and a new terminal. All this has led to new routes, such as: IASI - ROME, IASI - LONDON, IASI - PARIS, Iasi - Munich, Bucharest - Iasi with Blue Air and things don't stop there. The end of 2015 brings a long-awaited route - Iasi-Istanbul with TAROM, and 2016 will bring new routes departing from Iasi, and here we mention destinations such as Barcelona, ​​Brussels and Cologne. So it's possible!

"If the state is known, in general, as a weak administrator of its patrimony, getting used to considering it a consumer of financial resources rather than a producer of them, here is that Iasi Airport proves that performance can be done in what regarding the financial side of the airport business. I have always thought that the approach to the activities within Iasi Airport should be based on established corporate principles, in which the horizons of analysis and planning are represented in years and decades, because it is fundamentally important that the development of Iasi Airport is truly sustainable and not like a straw fire. It is well known that an airport is extremely expensive for its supervisory authority, as it must align with all the specific requirements of the world airport, and to record accounting profit, after a period of correct administration of only three years, is clear evidence that everything that has been built here has not been a waste, but a mechanism that brings added value. Moreover, the value is brought to the community through the connectivity achieved by the new routes, and to the state through the accounting profit.

Thus, the entire investment financed from European funds, which was completed on time, consisting of a runway, aircraft platforms and a new terminal, fully meets the established principle of efficiency of spending public funds. In other words, sums were spent, so that they would ultimately produce a profit ", said Marius BODEA, the president of the Board of Directors of Iasi International Airport.

We remind you that 4 airlines operate on the Iasi International Airport, to 14 direct external destinations, on a regular flight regime, and to 6 daily flights are operated by two different airlines.

We are talking about an important evolution of the number of direct flights from Iasi, considering that in the year 2012 there was only one direct external air route to Vienna.

We mention that in the reservation system have already been put on sale tickets for flights that will become operational from March 2016.

List of direct external destinations:

WIZZ AIR: VENETIA / Treviso, MILAN / Bergamo, LONDON / Luton

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