After 2 months break, domestic flights from the Hubei region of China were resumed

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After a 2-month hiatus, flights resumed in the central region of China - Hubei - once recognized as the epicenter of the new coronavirus pandemic. On Saturday morning, March 28, 2020, the flight operated by Boeing 737-800 Fuzhou Airlines took off from the Hubei region, China.

Flight FU6779with 64 passengers on board, departed from Yichang-Sanxia Airport, Hubei, to Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province in eastern China.

Domestic flights from the Hubei region were resumed

According to the China Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC), all passenger and freight flights have been resumed since this weekend from / to Hubei airports. The exception is the Tianhe International Airport in Wuhan, the provincial capital and the city most affected by the pandemic with the new COVID-19.

Before the resumption of flights, the airports were completely disinfected and the staff was trained to control and prevent epidemics. Thermo-scanners were also installed. At the airports special areas have been set up for quarantine those with fever.

In Wuhan, no new cases have been reported with the new coronavirus, although the city has reported three new deaths. To date, Hubei Province has registered a total of 67.801 confirmed cases with COVID-19, of which 50.006 in Wuhan.

Airlines are encouraged to open more domestic and international freight flights to stabilize the supply chain from / to the Hubei region.

While the flights to Hubei are resumed and life seems to be back to normal in the central region of China, nearly 1 million flights are suspended in the rest of the world and over 8500 planes are detained on the ground. Weird scenes at airports around the world - parked planes, empty terminals.

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