AIAS Romania: ATR 42-500 TAROM aircraft landed with locked wheels

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Civil Aviation Safety Investigations and Analysis Authority (AIAS) was notified on 9 July 2019, around 20.00 LT, regarding the TAROM incident. A commercial type aircraft ATR42-500 landed at Bucharest-Henri Coandă International Airport, with the landing gear wheels blocked. Passengers and crew members on board the aircraft were safely landed.

The event took place on runway 08L-26R (runway no. 2) of the "Henri Coandă" International Airport Bucharest-Otopeni, which was temporarily closed with NOTAM, the aircraft could not be moved off the runway immediately after the incident occurred.

ATR 42-500 TAROM aircraft landed on locked wheels

incident TAROM ATR-42 3-wheel-lock

A team of investigators from the Civil Aviation Safety Investigations and Analysis Authority (AIAS) went to the place where the event took place and started the first investigation activities.

The first actions: to study the place of the event production, the initial evaluation of the damages produced on the landing gear of the aircraft, to make the first measurements, to take the witness statements, to study the documentation related to the aircraft, and to take over the flight recorders. CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) and FDR (Flight Data Recorder), in order to download and analyze the data and to determine the causes and circumstances of the occurrence of this event.

TAROM ATR incident, 42-wheel-locked

From the initial assessment of the damages produced, the investigation committee within the Authority for Civil Aviation Safety Investigations and Analysis (AIAS) found that the tires and rims of the main landing gear were destroyed.

A preliminary investigation report will be published by AIAS within 30 days from the date of the event.

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