AIHCB opens new checkpoints for documents on the arrival stream

Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest reports a significant increase in the flow of passengers. For 2017, estimates show an increase of over 20% compared to the same period in 2016, with over 13 million passengers expected this year.

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With the significant increase in the number of passengers, many problems began to appear on the departure / arrival flows. At peak hours, especially between 04:00 and 09:00 in the morning, there are endless queues for "departures". On the arrival stream, the big crowd is in the evening, somewhere after 22:00 and until midnight.

To better understand this congestion, I invite you to listen to Mr. Valentin Iordache, director of external relations within the National Airports Company of Bucharest (CNAB).

In order to diminish the wait at the border checkpoints and to come to the support of the Border Police, the airport authorities opened new check-in and check-out windows.

4 document control stations

"Starting this week, the processing capacity of passengers upon entry into the country has been expanded with an additional 2 counters, respectively 4 document control stations, on the arrival stream. These additional positions, dedicated to charter flights, simplify the control process, which reduces the waiting time of passengers to control documents, " said the General Manager of the National Company Bucharest Airports, Bogdan Mîndrescu.

Currently, on the arrival stream, passengers have 12 Border Police stations available, with 24 of checkpoints.

"We took this measure to make the arrival flow more efficient after, last month, we completed the project to optimize the security control of passengers and hand luggage, on the departure flow, at Henri Coanda Airport", Bogdan Mîndrescu said.

In order to optimize the security control of passengers and hand luggage, roller beds were placed at Henri Coandă Airport at all the security control lines on the departure flow.

Also, tray recovery systems used for hand luggage control were installed, as well as workstations for the secondary control of these luggage, whose role is to allow separate control of suspicious luggage, avoiding blocking the control line until checking them.

The management of the National Airport Company of Bucharest assures the passengers, the airlines and the authorized institutions of the state that it takes all the necessary measures for the security of the passengers and for the safe conduct of the airport operations, to high standards of quality and professionalism.

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