Air crash in Peru: a LATAM Airbus A320neo hit a fire truck!

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On November 18, 2022, at 15:11 local time in Peru, the Airbus A320neo LATAM aircraft (CC-BHB) collided with a fire engine. The accident happened on runway 16 of the Lima-Jorge Chávez International Airport, while the plane was taxiing and accelerating to take off to Juliaca.


Unfortunately, as a result of the collision, two occupants of the fire truck died, and the other two are in a serious condition in hospital. There were 102 passengers and 6 crew members on the plane, and several people were injured as a result of the collision. Some information says that 4 people were seriously injured and 36 people were slightly injured.

Video and ADS-B data suggest that three ARFF vehicles have left their station on the west side of the runway. The first fire engine entered runway 16 on taxiway B, approximately 1150 meters from the runway threshold. The information in the international press says that the three intervention cars were traveling on a practice mission, and the damaged car would have undertaken to cross the runway without receiving authorization.

At that time, the aircraft of flight LA2213 was accelerating for take-off. Engine No. 2 (the one on the right side) of the aircraft struck the fire truck at a ground speed of approximately 235 km/h. Due to the impact, the plane lost its right leg, crashed on its side and then caught fire. The aircraft came to rest on the runway, approximately 1600 m from the point of impact, and all 102 occupants were evacuated.

The airport was closed until Saturday at 13:00 local time. About 75 flights will be affected by the closure of the Lima airport.

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