Air Canada made the first biofuel flight

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Air Canada entered among the airlines that operated biofuel flights. At the Rio + 20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, flight AC991 from Toronto to Mexico City it was partially fueled by bioceros.

The project was supported by Airbus and is part of an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) environmental demonstration. The flight generated with up to 40% less CO2.

AC991 Air Canada flight it was operated by the aircraft Airbus A319 and was powered by 50 / 50 proportions with standard fuel and biofuel provided by SkyNRG. No additional costs or modifications were required on the plane.

In addition to alternative fuel, Air Canada has used several techniques to reduce the impact on the environment. He washed the fuselage and asked for better aerodynamics. He ran from the boarding gate to the take-off runway with only one engine, as well as from landing to the landing gate. The pilots used iPads instead of paper. The air conditioning has been adjusted for reduced energy consumption.

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