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The other day, the new low-cost airline under the maple leaf was presented - Air Canada Rouge. The new carrier will have a hybrid status and will combine low-cost elements (eg narrower seats) with full service (eg free on-board catering). It will have a similar status to the Austrian operator FlyNiki.

The name Air Canada Rouge is a combination of the name of the Canadian full service operator "Air Canada" and the French "Rouge" (Red) which means hope, fun, warmth.

Air Canada Red

The low-cost operator Air Canada Rouge will start operations in July 2013 and will operate flights to tourist destinations in Europe and the Caribbean. Will work with Air Canada Vacations. It will fly to:

• Toronto - Athens, Greece 4x / week
• Montreal - Athens, Greece 2x / week
• Toronto - Venice, Italy 3x / week
• Toronto - Edinburgh, Scotland 3x / week
Caribbean Islands
• Toronto - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 3x / week
• Toronto - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic 1x / week
• Toronto - Samana, Dominican Republic 1x / week
• Toronto - Liberia, Costa Rica 2x / week
• Toronto - San Jose, Costa Rica 2x / week
• Toronto - Varadero, Cuba 3x / week
• Toronto - Santa Clara, Cuba 1x / week
• Toronto - Cayo Coco, Cuba 1x / week
• Toronto - Holguin, Cuba 1x / week
• Toronto - Kingston, Jamaica 5x / week


It will operate a fleet of two Boeing 767-300ER for trans-oceanic flights and two Airbus A319 for the Caribbean. The aircraft will be delivered by the parent company in May and June. After receiving the new 777-300ER and 787 Dreamliner aircraft, Air Canada will transfer the low-cost subsidiary to 50 of Boeing 767 and Airbus A319 units.

The aircraft will be configured in 3 classes: rouge, rouge plus and premium rouge. Tickets for the rouge plus class will be sold as an upgrade to the standard version for 40 extra dollars on flights to the Caribbean and 90 dollars on flights to Europe. The Premium Rouge class will be sold separately.

With the launch of Air Canada Rouge, 200 will also create new jobs for pilots and flight attendants.

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