Air China gives up Beijing-Phenian route

Air China gives up Beijing-Phenian route

Due to UN sanctions against North Korea, demand on the Beijing-Phenian route declined sharply, and Air China was forced to halt its flights.

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On Monday, 20 November 2017, the last Air China flight was operated on the Beijing - Phenian route. A Boeing 737-700 was used. There is no date for resuming flights on this route.

Air China gives up Beijing-Phenian route

Air China motivates the abandonment of this route by the lack of passengers. Due to international sanctions against North Korea's nuclear program, demand for these flights has dropped dramatically.

Phenian loses the only foreign airline flying from China to North Korea. Currently, only Air Koryo (the world's smallest airline) offers regular flights to Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang from China, as well as to Vladivostock from Russia.

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