fbpx Air France has renewed 3650 of containers used on long-haul aircraft

Air France renews 3650 of containers used on long-haul aircraft (video)

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Air France has completed the renewal of 3650 of containers, for hold baggage, used on long-haul aircraft (Airbus A380, A340, A330, Boeing 777 and 747). These new containers, made of composite fiber panels, are 11 kilograms lighter and more practical when handling.


From this reduction of the weight of the containers results in a reduction of CO2 emissions with 8.000 tonnes per year, the equivalent of 2.500 tons of fuel. The new, lighter and easier to handle containers also make Air France personnel easier to work on the ground and increase the punctuality of flights even more.

And below you have everything explained in a beautiful video. I invite you to watch it to better understand how it works on the ground and why there are weight limits on hold luggage.

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