Air France and KLM will test Wi-Fi on board 2013 aircraft

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Air France-KLM Group decided to test the internet connection on board aircraft in February 2013 on intercontinental routes. In partnership with Panasonic Avionics, the two airlines will launch the program "Stay connected on board the plane in 2013!".

They will equip two Boeing 777-300 aircraft, one for each operator, with Wi-Fi. Through this technology, passengers on board 2 aircraft can enjoy internet access on their tablets, laptops and smartphones, all at a fixed rate. In addition to the Internet, they will have access to Live TV broadcasts, information on airlines and the route chosen and will be able to communicate via SMS directly from their mobile phone, etc.

After use, passengers can provide feedback on the internet, wi-fi, quality of service, transfer speed, etc.

I think Air France and KLM should move a little faster on equipping aircraft with the internet. There are other smaller companies that have already started offering internet on board and here I can recall Icelandair operator and the Norwegian low-cost airline.

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