Flash promotion from Air France - KLM: Punta Cana from 599 €, Saint Martin from 659 €, Seychelles from 799 €

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It's been a long time since I've written about plane ticket promotions. But as the summer season has already begun, and most countries are beginning to relax anti-COVID measures, we said let's start the series of articles with tips and good prices on plane tickets.

Until May 24, Air France has a very good offer on flights to exotic and holiday destinations. Among the announced destinations, we bring to your attention the following offers: Punta Cana of the 599€, Saint Martin of the 659€ (Air France) / 640€ (KLM) Seychelles from € 799, Havana from 689 € and many other exotic destinations. And KLM announces a promotion with attractive rates to destinations in the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean, Africa and South America.

ATTENTION to the conditions of entry into the countries of destination. Some have lifted the restrictive measures, others require you to meet certain entry conditions. The most advantaged are those completely vaccinated with COVID-19, these being largely exempt from quarantine and other rules. I think it's time to start making plans for the holidays of 2021, but with caution. Always be informed!

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