Air France, France is in the air

Air France, France is in the air

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Air France launches a new advertising campaign, entitled "Air France, France is in the air". This new Air France signature is part of the ambitious Transform 2015 program and comes as a change after 15 years after the slogan was launched. ”Air France - Making the sky the best place on earth".

The advertising campaign developed by Air France globally will run in print, in 12 countries: France, Germany, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain, USA, Italy, Japan, Russia, Senegal and Switzerland, but also in the online environment and the radio. The campaign, created by the advertising agency BETC Paris, includes 6 visuals illustrating the services offered by Air France: the comfort of A380 aircraft, the new La Premiere class, the new Business class, the gastronomy, the developed network and SkyPriority (priority services offered over 1000 airports in worldwide). In addition, other 12 visuals are used to represent the main destinations served by the French company (Paris, New York, Brazil, Japan, China, Africa, Italy, etc.).

The new campaign slogan "Air France, France is in the air" was strategically designed in English, to demonstrate the company's openness and global spirit. Also, this slogan highlights the most important values ​​of France and the promise of Air France to offer its passengers a French experience on board (the art of living, top brands, renowned chefs).

Contest on Facebook

On the occasion of this new image campaign, Air France also left a competition on Facebook page of the company, with daily prizes consisting of two intercontinental air tickets. Through the app The travel book, we want to promote the company's destinations through a game that involves finding hidden visuals on different media platforms. Every day, until 6 in April, a winner is awarded with 2 airline tickets on a long-courier route, and at the end of the game, two long-courier tickets will be offered to Business class.

"2014 is, for Air France, the year in which advertising plays an important role. We promote the luxury quality of our products and services, new destinations, digital changes, as well as low prices. This campaign is a great investment in our brand and is part of the Transform 2015 plan, ”said Frederic Gagey, Chairman & CEO of Air France.

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