Air France reports an increase of approximately 20% in passenger traffic in the premium segment, departing from Bucharest!

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In the first 4 months of 2022 Air France KLM Romania a îrecorded a visible increase of about 20% in the traffic of passengers traveling in Business and Premium Economy class, compared to the same period in 2019, before the Covid-19 Crisis.

"We note with satisfaction an upward trend in passenger traffic in the premium business area. We are glad to see that the number of reservations on the Intercontinental routes in Business and Premium Economy classes departing from Bucharest has increased by about 20%, fayour from the same period of 2019, before Covid. It seems that the forecasts for the stabilization of this market at the beginning of the year have come true"It simply came to our notice then Răzvan Raduț, Country Manager Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova.

Air France continues its premium positioning strategy, promoting elegant and responsible travel

A new standard of travel in the Business cabin that combines refinement and privacy is set to be launched this fall aboard 12 Boeing 777-300 aircraft. "Fontainebleau", the first aircraft equipped with the new cabins, will fly from Paris to New York - JFK this fall.

Air France continues its premium positioning strategy and introduces a new business-class seat model on intercontinental flights, reaffirming the art of elegant French-style travel.

A new armchair in Business and a more sustainable catering offer:

Continuously evolving to provide the highest level of comfort, the airline's Business chair is now being redesigned in a completely new, unique version.

The design of this chair is based on a "3F" concept - Full Flat, the chair turns into a

complete plan almost two meters long, for a restful sleep; Full Access, giving all passengers direct access to the aisle and Full Privacy, ensuring optimal privacy.

The new sliding panel allows passengers to create a totally private and protected space. To create a greater sense of privacy for accompanied passengers, the seats in the center of the cabin are now equipped with a central panel that can be lowered, thus creating a friendly space where they can make the most of flying together.

The seat has a 17,3 ”wide screen with 4K High-Definition resolution and anti-glare technology and is also equipped with a set of headphones for noise reduction, but also with a Bluetooth connection that allows passengers to use their own headphones. and have access to multiple electrical outlets.

Air France is thus introducing a new standard in this cabin. The new Business cabin will be progressively introduced on 12 Boeing 777-300 aircraft starting with September 2022, each aircraft being equipped with 48 seats in Business Class.

Concerned with the comfort of all its passengers, Air France will also install new types of Premium Economy (48 seats) and Economy (273 seats) seats.

Each cabin is elegantly decorated in the colors of the brand: navy blue, white for light and contrast and shades of red.

Named "Fontainebleau", the first aircraft equipped with these new cabins and a WiFi connection will fly to New York-JFK this fall.

Premium Economy and Economy, for optimal comfort

In the Premium Economy cabin, Air France introduces the latest folding seat model already available on the Airbus A350, while improving its comfort. Each chair has a 96 cm legroom. The seat cushions have been redesigned, and the navy spike fabric adds more delicacy to it. The backrest of the chair tilts 124 degrees and has been widened to provide a greater degree of privacy. A new noise-canceling audio headset is integrated into the seat and is easy to use at any time during the flight. The seat also has USB A and C ports.

In the Economy cab, the seats also meet the highest standards of comfort on the market. Each chair is 43 cm wide, has an inclination of 119 degrees and a legroom of 79 cm. The backrest is ergonomically designed, providing reinforced side support. It is also equipped with an A-type USB port.

The seats in these two cabins feature a 13,3 ”screen with 4K High-Definition resolution, Bluetooth connectivity, ideal for enjoying over 1.000 hours of on-demand entertainment.

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