Air France, investment of 140 million euros in the cabins of the A330 aircraft

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Air France inaugurates the new cabins available exclusively on board Airbus A330 aircraft. The company offers a new passenger travel experience in Business (36 seats), Premium Economy (21 seats) and Economy (167 seats) cabs.

By the year 2020 will be completely refurbished 15 aircraft, thanks to a global investment of 140 million.

Cabins from A330 Air France aircraft

The first flight equipped with these cabins, operated on the route Paris Charles de Gaulle - Accra (Ghana), took off on February 3, 2019.

Until the end of the winter season, Romanian passengers will be able to enjoy these cabins on flights to Accra (Ghana), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) and Houston (USA).

Starting with the 2019 summer season, new cabs installed on Airbus A330 aircraft will be able to be tested on flights to Accra (Ghana), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), Cotonou (Benin), Lagos (Nigeria), Niamey (Niger), Bengaluru and Delhi (India), Chicago and Dallas (USA).

Business, peace and harmony

The new Business chair, adapted to the dimensions of the Airbus A330, offers a unique experience.

Completely redesigned, the seat is transformed into a long bed 2 meters and a width of 57,1 centimeters for relaxing flights, and passengers will no longer have the problem of time difference.


Passengers can opt for a higher degree of closeness when traveling with someone or total privacy, thanks to a sliding panel that separates the seats.

A new HD screen, with a width over 45 cm, offers Business Class customers over 1.400 hours of entertainment.

Premium Economy, comfort and additional services

In the Premium Economy cabin, relaxation and pleasure take precedence. Equipped with one of the largest seats on the market, with a width of 48,5 cm, it inclines to 130 ° for the comfort of all passengers.


The corridor has a width of 102 cm and the storage space has been supplemented. The cabins have foot support and an 33.7 cm HD screen.

The seat cushions and leather armrests were also redesigned. They became softer and bigger. Beyond relaxation and gourmet delights, each passenger has a personal electrical outlet and two USB ports, as well as a wide range of entertainment possibilities.

Economy class, comfort for all

The Economy seat has been changed for even more comfort. There is more space between armrests, ergonomic foam and an inclination of 118 ° for each chair, space of 79 cm for feet, larger table, LCD screen of 29.4 cm.


The Economy seat is equipped with a personal power socket and a USB port, which allows passengers to use electronic devices throughout the flight.

Passengers remain connected with Air France Connect

On board all Airbus A330 cabin types, Air France offers the Air France Connect Wi-Fi option during the flight. Thus, passengers can choose from the 3 Wi-Fi variants, accessible to personal devices: smartphone, tablet, laptop.

Wi-Fi rates and benefits

This service allows passengers to send and receive free messages from their favorite apps on their smartphone or tablet throughout the flight.

Customers can also access the site and the Air France app to view and change your bookings, browse the Internet, view or send emails.

The rates for this service are as follows:

  • 3 euros for the whole journey on short-haul flights
  • From 5 euros for the entire duration of the trip on average flights
  • 8 Euros for one hour or 18 Euros for the entire duration of long-distance travel

Air France passengers can also opt for "Pass for streaming", available on all long-haul flights. It offers the benefit of a high speed internet connection for the entire flight, the price being 30 euros.

The entire Air France fleet will be equipped with Air France CONNECT by the end of 2020.

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