Air France presents a new image campaign: "Elegance is a journey"!

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As part of the brand's positioning strategy in the premium area, Air France is launching a new video that represents the company's ambition to offer its customers the best in France and to bring elegance to the forefront.

This film tells the story of the rise of a seductive and determined woman who elegantly embodies the airline. Wearing a red dress with an infinite train, she gently climbs the steps of the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of France around the world.

We see the heroine evolving inside the tower, climbing gracefully and easily its many steps. Rhythmic scenes follow one another, each symbolizing the company's strengths: the art of hospitality, the fine French cuisine offered on board or the special attention paid to children during the trip.

Reaching the top of the tower, she magically crosses a sea of ​​clouds, suggesting the special timeless moment that can only be experienced on board the plane. Her long train then rises in a smooth flight, accompanied by the light of the tower, before metamorphosing into the red accent, the symbol of the company's brand, which embodies its excellence and expertise.

Elegance is a journey

The video concludes by revealing the company's new advertising campaign, entitled "Elegance is a journey. Air France. ” This new signature highlights the values ​​of Air France, its style, as well as the attention for those around it and for the planet.

The music of the film is inspired by the well-known song "Les moulins de mon cœur" composed by Michel Legrand, performed by the French artist Juliette Armanet. This is more than just a soundtrack, the new version has been specially adapted for Air France. The rhythms of the song, velvety but at the same time strong, suggest with emotion the traditional French elegance.

An anthem to elegance

With this new film, the company breaks the communication patterns traditionally used in the aviation world. The film exemplifies the French art of living that its passengers around the world can enjoy every day while traveling.

This "I don't know what" which the world associates with France, is illustrated in the expertise and art of Air France travel. These values ​​take elegance and refinement to new heights. This is how Air France's promise to offer its passengers a typical French experience on board is embedded with menus made up of great French chefs, salons designed by world-renowned designers and architects, uniforms created by exceptional fashion designers: Air France promotes French excellence in the whole world. 

Beyond this know-how, the company constantly strives to offer its customers travel experiences with minimal impact on the environment.

Created by Aura by Omnicom, this film has been broadcast since May 11, 2022 on TV, cinema and digital in 5 strategic international markets for Air France: the United States, Canada, Brazil, Italy and Germany. In France, its distribution is 100% digital. The campaign also includes videos promoting Paris as a destination, the company's commitments to more responsible air transport, French gastronomy, its Skytrax * awards, the Flying Blue loyalty program and La Première service.

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