Air France celebrates 70 years since the first stewardess aboard its aircraft

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In April 1946, Air France officially welcomed the first 11 stewards on board its aircraft. Thanks to them, the company has managed to build a good reputation, and the services offered to passengers are to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Currently, of the 13.500 on board companions, over 8.800 are women. They represent the company worldwide and accompany the passengers along the flight with elegance and professionalism, illustrating the French style of travel.

Flight attendant at Air France

Looking back at the history of Air France, the first flight attendant was hired in 1938. For long flights, such as Paris - New York, which lasted up to about 24 hours, the company also hired the first flight attendants. board. At that time, the stewards prepared the menus and served them to the passengers, and the flight attendants had the mission to greet the passengers and provide them with a state of comfort during the flights. Each flight attendant communicates with each passenger separately, without microphones and without official announcements.

The evolution of Air France uniforms in 70 for years!


Officially, the first stewardesses, as we know them today, appeared in 1946, with the first "military" uniforms. Georgette Rénal opens the way for Air France uniforms. It was based on: a suit, a summer dress and a coat. In the 60s, the jet age arrived, and Christian Dior signed the new Air France uniform collection. Then followed Balenciaga, Jean Patou, Nina Ricci, Carven and Christian Lacroix, until 2005. The greatest designers created "haute couture" uniforms, which emphasized the importance of the profession in customer relations.

With the jet era, the name of cabin crew also appears, an official recognition for this profession. Things progressed, teamwork began, each crew member began to have well-established roles, and preparations for the true role of a flight attendant, rescue and safety on board aircraft began.

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