Air India has allocated 100 millions of dollars to change engines to 20 aircraft

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Last day, on the Facebook AirlinesTravel Facebook page, we announced that Air India has decided to record 20 single-aisle planes on the ground. At that time, the Indian company announced that it has no budget to change aircraft engines.

But the good news came over the weekend. Air India has announced that it will allocate 100 millions of dollars to change the engines of the 20 aircraft.

The high demand from the market forced the Indian company to allocate the money now in order to operate at full capacity in the summer season.

Air India has allocated 100 for millions of dollars

But that does not mean that the problems for Air India are gone. The largest air carrier in India has been facing financial problems for many years, the latest profit being recorded in 2007.

According to international economic sources, Air India would have a total debt of 7 billion. Which means that the financial problems will continue for the company.

But it is an important step in operating the entire fleet at full capacity. Air India has a fleet of approximately 130 aircraft. And the 20 of aircraft registered on the ground play an important role in the segment of short and medium flights.

It remains to be seen what will happen to Air India. We remind you that Jet Airways has suspended all flights.

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