Air Moldova adds optional services for a more comfortable flight

After privatization, Air Moldova already comes with news for passengers. Announced a number of optional services for a more comfortable flight.

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Here Air Moldova comes with good news for passengers. Has announced some optional services for a more comfortable flight. By requesting these services, passengers can get priority at check-in desks, document control and security, purchase a favorable seat on the plane or have access to the business lounge.

Optional services from Air Moldova

Optional services are only available at Chisinau International Airport and can be paid with 3h before the flight, once check-in is open. For more details, passengers can go to Casa Nr.4 inside the Airport.

Air Moldova offers a variety of optional services designed to provide comfort to passengers right from entering the airport.

Rates of Optional Services at Air Moldova flights at Chisinau International Airport.

Optional Services Tariff*
Fast track of control procedures (Fast Track) €5
Priority check-in €5
Access to the Business Lounge (up to 3 hours) €25
Quickly pass control procedures + Priority check-in + Business Lounge access (up to 3 hours) €30
Booking a place in the rows with rescue exits €30
Booking a seat in the 1-2 rows (except for business and charter courses) €40
Reservation of a place, except for the 1-2 rows and those with rescue exits €10
Individual transport from the terminal to the aircraft €15
Acceptance of passengers after the registration is completed €60

* the rates are indicated in euros per 1 passenger, the payment is made in MDL national currency according to the published exchange rate.

The rates for the places with more space at the feet are a bit expensive. Given that Air Moldova has full-service aircraft configured, I don't think there is a need for a window seat.

But from the list above, the service of "individual transport from the terminal to the aircraft" was brought to our attention. Who does not want to share with other passengers, can choose this VIP service.

There are a few benefits to these services, but most are fussy :).

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